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memorial-day-clipart-Memorial-Day-Clipart-2It is Memorial Day Weekend, the time when we remember those who lost their lives during military service. Floating all around social media is the meme that they died to protect our freedom. I’m not going to write about the complicated topic of the military industrial complex, or why wars are fought. My father was a veteran. I respect and appreciate all the men and women who agreed to do a job where the risk was so high, and who paid that price. I grieve for the families that are left behind. What I want to talk about is FREEDOM. How free are we? And what are we doing with this freedom?

Since this is Pleasure Evolution, you know where we’re going with this. The suffragettes who chained themselves to the white house fence and went on hunger strikes in prison, eventually gaining women the right to vote. The feminists who marched and lobbied and got the ERA passed. The activists that rebelled at Stonewall paving the way for gay rights. Trans activists, and sadly numerous murder victims or suicides who bring awareness of their plight to the consciousness of all. We stand on the shoulders of those who fought for our sexual freedom.

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