Meet the Team

Introducing the Team

Pleasure Evolution is growing, and we now have a team to help us help you to your best sensual life. Here are some of the folks who keep us organized and on-track, so that we can focus on what gives us our ultimate joy, creating and delivering content and coaching for YOU!

Kristen King – Part-time Bookkeeper

Asheville-Bookkeeping-Associates-241x300Kristen runs her own company supporting small to medium businesses with all their bookkeeping needs. After wrestling with Quickbooks semi-successfully, we finally decided that this was NOT our zone of genius, and are happy to let Kristen take over. She does in a couple of hours what was taking us days to do!

Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Ashford University in 2009. She also has an Associates in Accounting from Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. She has 8 years of experience in the accounting industry. Most of her time was spent in corporate accounting for Hubbell Inc, a large electrical manufacturing company. She also spent a short while at H&R Block as a tax preparer. Kristen is originally from Charlotte, NC but she has lived in Asheville since 2003. She is married and has 2 Siberian huskies. She enjoys hiking, playing board and computer games, and reading.

We’re happy to share her, check out her company HERE.


Currently Seeking an Intern

You can telecommute from anywhere. If you are social media savvy, with an eye for detail and love of all things marketing, we would like you to join our team. This unpaid position will take up to 10 hours a week, depending on how involved you want to be. Learn entrepreneurial and relationship skills up close. Write to support at