Speaking Engagements

From a club meeting to a keynote, Rebekah is available for speaking engagements and customized workshops for groups of all sizes.

Would you like to know the secrets to better relationships, more romance, and how to have more fun from the bedroom to the boardroom?

Want to rekindle the spirit of your members?

Looking for a sensational speaker for your next event?

If you are an organization that would like to see your women living lit-up lives of pleasure and purpose, Pleasure Midwife (and former stand-up comedian) Rebekah Beneteau will raise the bar, create excitement and help make your people RADIANT!

Speech Topics

All of the following topics can be done as a pure speech, followed by Q and A (45 minutes), or as an experiential workshop, (90 – 120 minutes) depending on the amount of time you have, and degree of group interaction you would like.

Desire as a Woman’s Path to Empowerment – an exploration of the nature of Pleasure
You will learn:

  • The difference between identifying the desires of the mind vs. the desires that arise from the body
  • Why women in particular have become divorced from our desire current
  • The ill effects of unhappy women
  • The bogeymen of claiming desire
  • What is required to allow us to feel our desires

Man Whispering 101 -A fun and informative explanation the differences between men and women, and how to use those differences when looking for, or being in a relationship.

  • How to talk so a man will listen
  • How to be magnetic and attractive
  • What he’s really thinking, and what men really want you to know
  • Why getting a man to do your bidding is so easy every five-year old girl can do it

Dating, and Mating: Never too old for romance  – It’s all about self-love, and cultivating your inner seductress!

  • Yes, you can have the relationship YOU want
  • Relationship readiness – self-love & self-esteem
  • Clarifying what you are looking for
  • Where to go, clearing fears as you get back into the dating scene
  • How to talk, once you’ve met Mr. Possibly Right



Rebekah Beneteau is a nationally-known Workshop Leader, Radio Show host and Mentor of Women.  Her podcast, The Ask Me Anything Love and Sex Show on BlogTalkRadio.com, has helped thousands of people have more gratified relationships and sex lives. Her years on the stand-up comedy circuit, and training as an award-winning Toastmaster, combined with her training as a healer and coach, have given her a uniquely fun, humorous, compassionate, and spiritual style. Her mission in life is to Transform the World by helping people allow and express their Authentic Sexuality.


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“Rebekah is knowledgable, skilled in the material and inviting and welcoming of your spirit to step into joy and desire. Working with her is a treasure of an opportunity to move into joy and prosperity.” – Dorian S.

“Rebekah is UNIQUE! Funny, caring, inspirational, pushing the limits. In The Desire Course, I appreciated the group dynamic of interaction. Loved the body work, and that it was women supporting women.”  –Lynda