Sleeping Beauty Lies

Sleeping Beauty Lies

By Trevor Jones


Once upon a time, or so the story goes
Sleeping Beauty is awoke by passions throes.

But let me clear the air and speak true,
she neither slept nor had beauty too.

She was a homely churl and a brat to boot,
With pox marked skin and a blackened tooth.

Her father had betrothed her to an ancient man,
But she was too willful and so she had hatched a Plan.

“A witch has cursed me!

And sleep I must for all eternity.”

Only true love’s embrace shall wake me from my slumber
and betwixt his legs the mightiest of lumber.

Now that’s euphemism kids, don’t be shocked, it means she wants a big cock slid under her frock.

And so, across the land the story spread,
the princess simply slept, she wasn’t dead.

Only a kiss from a big cocked stranger,
Willing to risk his life in danger.

And so suitor after suitor ventured in her chamber,
only to be found dead, having not claimed her.

Twas all but a ruse by this black widow bitch,
It was a figment if fiction that cursing witch.

You see…
She allowed each man to “awaken” her with a kiss, and then sampled his loins for both size and skills,
But she found them all lacking, and so added to her kills.

The legend now grows as the bodies pile high,
A true handsome prince is needed…the length of his thigh.

And let’s not forget girth! For that is the worth,
Of a handsome young prince of noble birth.

Then came the day of the half cowled man,
Who claimed to have knowledge of the cursing witch’s plan.

He made his way past dangers and risk,
Seeking to give beauty the perfect kiss.

Upon entering her chambers he extinguished the light,
And proclaimed to the darkness “there is no need to fight.”
With strong silk knots he bound the sleeping girl
And proceeded to pleasure her hidden pearl.
With delicate touch and talented tongue,
A dozen orgasm from her was wrung.
Between her soaking wet thighs he slid
The very monstrous cock she had bid.

Ecstasy was replaced somewhere between pleasure and pain.
Her will was gone, the shrew had been tamed

“And now”, he whispered to her whimpering form “proclaim aloud the curse is gone.”

“Yes!” She cried out towards the door,
“This prince has my kingdom, my heart and more.”

Off his face, she ripped the cowl that concealed his misshapen lips, his uni-brow, one crossed eye, the hunch on his back, and one ear shy.

The princess had been outwitted, done in by her own plot
But all her troubles weren’t for naught.
She found some perverse love, and great sex as well
At the hands of the hunchback that rang the church bell.

Happily ever after, they fucked and balled
And their grotesque offspring now adorn Notre Dames wall.