Sensuality Circle and Authentic Sexuality Play Party

Sensuality Circle and Authentic Sexuality Play Party

A Celebration of Open Hearts, Ecstatic Pleasure, and Erotic Fun!

Our passion is to provide a place where you will feel safe to show us who you truly are and what you really want. We want to give you the tools to connect with other people in a way that nourishes you mentally,physically and emotionally.

We start, as we do each time, making love before the party. In how we relate to each other as a team, to cleaning the floors and lighting the candles, the space is set with intention and desire above all else. In THIS place there will be love, erotic energy and acceptance.

We invite each person to set aside all expectations, and open their hearts to others.

How do strangers come together and do this? How does one open themselves up to the possibility of pleasure without expectation? Self-knowledge comes first. What do I want? What will I offer? Our games teach you how to ask and respond, how to negotiate contact, and how to keep yourself and your partners safe.

At the Start

We begin the gathering with an opening ritual of intention and attention. Participants are invited to experience themselves and each other through all of their Senses; Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Conceptual Thought. We play with the energies of yin and yang (think giver and receiver, generator and container) Magically, a room full of strangers become intimate companions.

Intimacy = Into Me See

From your tender heart’s longing to your most voracious desire, all of You is welcome. Your vulnerability, your hunger, your strength, your joy. Come and experience the possibilities for love and connection in a judgment-free, safe, and honoring environment.

Sexy Play Party

After the opening ritual and playshop, you are invited to stay for the free Authentic Sexuality Play Party. With spaces set up for cuddling, massage, bdsm play and, yes, sex, you can go where your imagination, desires and the consent of your co-conspirators lead you.

This is an alcohol and drug free event. Be Here when you are Here. There will be some refreshments provided, please bring something delicious, food or non-alcoholic beverage to share with the group.

Who Comes to These Things?

People of all genders, races, ages and orientations. Singles, Couples, Threesomes, and Moresomes. The adventurous and the shy, the experienced and the new. Individuals who understand that nudity and sexual expression will be occurring. The most important thing is that you be willing to take responsibility for yourself, your communication and your experiences, and Honor other people in Their uniqueness.

Do I Have to DO anything?

We have two rules. 1) Don’t do anything you don’t want to do and 2) Do do what gets your panties wet. So follow your excitement and don’t go beyond your boundaries. Nothing is expected and watching is considered a valid way to participate.

Will There be People for Me to Play With?

We don’t know. Since gender and orientation are so fluid, we no longer “gender balance.” If you come with an open mind and no expectations, it is possible to walk away with many great and intimate experiences that may not look like what you planned. A deep conversation, soulful gazing, the opportunity to share loving touch with someone outside your normal play parameters, nurturing that is not genitally focused, all of these things can matter as much as “sex,” if you let them.

Is this an Orgy?

 Nope. Although sexual activity does occur here, the term orgy applies to a different kind of gathering. The Circle and Party are an opportunity to embody several tantric principles (thank you Rudy Ballantine). Come experience the Healing Power of Pleasure, and treat Life as an Experiment. We are consciously providing you with a laboratory to grow, learn, love, express your authentic sexuality and have FUN!

 At the End

 A half hour prior to the end, we gather back together to share our joys and experiences.




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