I’m Trevor Jones, and I am a Sex Coach

I came, I saw, I was in awe

It was in the Fall of 2014 that I first began attending events facilitated thinkerby
Pleasure Evolution. I was struck by the vast difference between traditional social events and the structured methods taught at the workshop I attended.  I was also taken with the confidence and charisma of it’s founder Rebekah Beneteau. It didn’t take long before I was volunteering to help and then was invited to chair an event. The themes of sex positivity and living an authentic life spoke volumes to me. I was not only intrigued but delighted about the prospect of working with Pleasure Evolution.

My educational background was primarily in Philosophy, but humanity had always fascinated me. I was in constant awe at the similarities and differences we all had and how they were expressed. I became ordained as a non-denominational minister the summer after university and made my spiritual growth a priority. I believe that one can learn from life as well as books and so make a practice of doing both. By the time I joined Pleasure Evolution, I had been pursuing self improvement in all aspects of my life for over a decade.

Sex and the Divine

From the time I experienced my first orgasm, I felt a connection between physical pleasure and something else. Though my road to spirituality has been a meandering and complicated one, I believe in one overwhelming truth. I connect to the divine through the experiences of my body.  I also believe in the reverse, that the divine connects to my body and when paid attention to, anyone can feel it. Why do you think so many people cry out to God during sex?

0000b1My self care and spiritual practices have run the gamut from deep meditation and trance to ritual sex magic
and prayer. I’ve grown from a socially awkward wall flower to a sexually empowered individual. I’ve not only seen but experienced a wide spectrum of what life has to offer and continually seek more.  We have but a short time here in this world and I wish to make the most of it.

Helping others

While in school I discovered a pleasure in tutoring and helping fellow students with difficult subjects. I learned that there was something satisfying to me about helping someone toward knowledge. Over the course of my life, I’ve worn many hats, had many jobs and careers. In each, I found satisfaction in teaching, instructing, and demonstrating knowledge to others. Now I help people towards knowing about a subject that is most important of all, themselves.

One of the greatest pleasures in my work has been holding a mirror to people. Allowing them to see themselves for the wonderful, unique and amazing individuals they are. Too often our culture and environment harm our self esteem and image, giving us a damaged view.  By being a reflection to others I’ve seen amazing changes and improvements in their lives.  Sex is so much more than just the pleasure of the body. It is a core component of who we are.

eyesgSeeing people improve their sex lives, their happiness and loving who they are has been an honor. It has been the greatest satisfaction of all.

~Trevor Jones, Sex Coach


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Bob Ellis 14-11-2016, 15:41

I have ED. I took Viagra for 20 years. about a year ago it stopped working. I have tried cialias,also in the form of a candy that you put under the tongue. That did not work either and is very expensive.there is no help available to me. Can you help me? Bob


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