Road Tripping

Road Trip Recap

Tomorrow is the end of our first Northeast tour for Pleasure Evolution.  We had been to Philadelphia a few months ago and had a really successful couple of events.  Sooo, now we squeezed 5 events into 12 days in New York and Philadelphia.  Two Being Socials, taught a class, and facilitated two tantra circles with play parties. In between, we saw friends, Rebekah’s family, and saw private clients.

He Says…

What a ride!  I learned to drive in Manhattan, and checked off a lot of New York experiences. I got to meet a lot of different people from different backgrounds and most of all, I had fun.

I’ve learned a lot this trip.  I can still be terrified by being in a new place, confidence can easily be lost as well as gained, and “The Show MUST go on”. I also learned that just cause you’re from New York, doesn’t mean you’re a hard-hearted person. We made some great connections with people and had some great experiences.  Manhattan_-_8th_Ave_north_from_36th_StI’ve had some preconceived notions destroyed, which is good.  We tell people attending events to come with no expectations, just experience life and let that add to the information of what you know about yourself.  I can say this has been a growing experience.

Until next time New York.

-Trevor Jones

She Says…

First off, big gratitude to the many people who helped us pull off and supported all these events, including our hosts, and our registration Goddesses, and the people we got to stay with. When people ask me “how is the trip going?” I have to say, it depends on where I want to look. There was the challenge of seeing my Dad, who is almost completely disabled by his Parkinson’s Disease. This is the guy who gave me my sense of humor and love for people, and he can barely talk anymore. There was the sweetness of putting moisturizer on his shoulders, the laugh I got when he suddenly shot me a sarcastic look just like his old self.

In spite of challenges, everything we facilitated had great moments where people’s lights went on. I learned that I am too sensitive to the opinions of others, both in family and in business. Not everyone is going to like what we are doing. Some people will love me and some won’t. Some will find fault no matter how I try to be good. It’s an opportunity to develop my self-esteem, to sift through what’s said and decide what is valid and what belongs to other people. Can you relate?

Horse of a Different Color

I always heard that if one person calls you a horse, shrug it off, but if three people call you a horse. . . then saddle up. DSCF4649glassesI’m trying on a new approach. I am going to stay away from people wearing horse-colored glasses!

Pleasurably Yours,
– Rebekah

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