A Word about Men’s Underwear

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!

Today’s writing is purely opinionated and I offer a trigger warning, specifically to the very men this post addresses.  In my time with Pleasure Evolution, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate Play Parties and clothing optional workshops, as well as attend events by other sex positive and sex permissive educators.  I’ve observed a bothersome trend I’d like to speak to, and make my opinion known. I’m referring to UNINSPIRING MEN’S UNDERWEAR.

dressVery often at an event, even ones where clothing will be blazerremoved and sex may occur, people put extra effort into their wardrobe.  Nice shoes, pretty dresses and hair that could have come from a salon commercial are evident on the female presenting people.
They may have had a manicure/pedicure and spent extra time on their makeup.  Often the male presenting people also dress to impress with pressed shirts, freshly shaved,  a stylish blazer or tie and classy shoes.

And then the clothes come off…

Every event is different, but one thing I observe most frequently is that women often put far more effort into their choice of undergarments than men.  They might match their bra and panty set, or have on a delicious piece of lingerie that looks like an architect and engineer designed it.  Most men I observe at these gatherings, at least have on clean and well fitting undergarments.  They range from boxers and boxer briefs to much sexier briefs and even thongs. There is, however, that one guy.


Tighty Whities Just Aren’t Sexy

Somewhere in our early puberty most boys rebel against the underwear our parents bought us, seeing it as a right of passage to choose our own. But that one guy, still wears tighty whities.  I pride myself on being non-judgmental about most things, and this may just be a pet peeve, but I cannot fathom a grown man wearing tighty whities.  They don’t look good on anyone, even though manufacturers and advertising agencies have tried really hard to make us change our minds. My theory for this aversion is the progression from infancy (diapers) to puberty (tighty whities) to adulthood (ANY OTHER KIND OF UNDERWEAR).
baby brief brief









Get Into the Solution

Now I warned this was just opinion right?  Well here is a tidbit that isn’t.  If your underwear has holes or stains; if your elastic has long since given up, those should be tossed out and replaced.  I know you ‘manly men’ are hung up on that very comfortable pair, but part of being involved in a sex positive culture is hygiene and self care.  No matter how attractive a man is, an unkempt ragged pair of underwear is a turn off.

So spend the money, make the effort and let those who see your choice of underwear know that you care about your body enough to give it not only a comfortable wrapping, but an attractive one. Who knows? coupleMaybe your choice will be the ice breaker you need to get that special someone’s attention.

Chime in below with what turns you on (and off) in men’s underwear. That guy needs to hear it!

— Trevor


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Topaz 29-06-2016, 18:13

The best blind date I ever had ended up with our going back to his place (after drinks and snacks) and making out like bandits. I’ll never forget the briefs he was wearing…Calvin Klein in navy cotton. When I complimented him on his exquisite taste (and package), he said he wore them “just in case.” And they made a very good case! We ended up seeing each other for several years, and he always wore the best undies…including sometimes my lace bikinis! A match made in trans-heaven!


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