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Being Social – An Evening of Fun, Love and Transformation

“Being Socials” are a fun way to meet new people, and get to know your friends even better. The invitation is to show up and BE, whoever you are and however you feel, because we set a tone of total acceptance. Like a party, but with structure, the communication games we play give you an opportunity to give and receive attention, and create surprising intimacy. From candid and hilarious, to deep and touching, each Being Social follows the same structure but is created by the people who are there. Come and play with us.

(Newcomers must arrive on time: doors close at quarter past the hour.)

Asheville, NC

October 5th 7-10 pm
Locations Fletcher
Cost: $10

Please RSVP to get the address  HERE

October 19th 7 – 10 pm
Location: South Asheville
Cost $10
Please RSVP to get the address HERE

New York City
October 28th 7-10 pm
Locations: Bensonhurst Brooklyn
Cost $10
Please RSVP to get the address  HERE


Ecstatic Love Play Party

A Celebration of Open Hearts, Ecstatic Pleasure, and Erotic Fun!

Where: Asheville, NC
When: Sunday, October 15th from 3 to 8 pm

for people of all genders and orientations with a special introduction to whole-body orgasmic magic by Brad Amberheart
Individuals and Couples Welcome!

Join us for a Sunday afternoon devoted to deep relaxation, exploration, play, love-making, and finding your heart’s true bliss. No one has to play at a play party…and yet…everything is play. Whether you’re meditating, laughing, crying, napping, sexing, cuddling, or just enjoying what you see…your authenticity is welcomed here.

We’re going to be starting this party with some ice-breakers to give everyone a chance to arrive, get comfortable, and co-create a place where everyone attending can relax and find pleasure simply in BEING here. Following the introductions, Brad Amberheart is going to help guide us in how to find more freedom and bliss in our own bodies, and how to harness our pleasure to create magic! He’ll be demonstrating some simple–yet profoundly fun–ways to move, breathe, and express ourselves in a way that just might forever change the way we define “orgasm”. All in all, orgasm comes from YOU, not your partner, and here’s a chance to learn how to TURN IT on in ways we may not even have imagined!

YOU’RE turned-on, activated, and ready to go! Now there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your ecstatic self and be at home in a world of men, women, and those in between who’ve gathered here today for blissful enjoyment, together! OoooooYEAH!

Preregistration required HERE 


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