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 Being Social – An Evening of Fun, Love and Transformation

“Being Socials” are a fun way to meet new people, and get to know your friends even better. The invitation is to show up and BE, whoever you are and however you feel, because we set a tone of total acceptance. Like a party, but with structure, the communication games we play give you an opportunity to give and receive attention, and create surprising intimacy. From candid and hilarious, to deep and touching, each Being Social follows the same structure but is created by the people who are there. Come and play with us.

(Newcomers must arrive on time: doors close at quarter past the hour.)

Asheville, NC

June 9th & 22nd  @7pm
Locations TBA
Cost: $10

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your desire 2

A Celebration of Open Hearts, Ecstatic Pleasure, and Erotic Fun!

Where: Asheville, NC
When: June 24th

Join us for an evening of fun, exploration and dive into the full spectrum of sensual pleasures! Come on a journey to a space where mono, poly, Tantra, BDSM, ecstasy and intimacy intersect.  Read More


Pillow Talk

The Art of Sexual Communication Playshop!

East Asheville, NC -April 1st 10 am to 10 pm
$275 pp or three monthly payments of $95

  • Do you want to know how to please every lover, every time?

  • Do you want a better body-image?

  • Would you like more sexual confidence?

  • Would you like to have more pleasure in your sensual life?

This class teaches erotic communication methods that give you all of this & MORE!

Find out more! Click here.

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tom 20-02-2015, 19:37

Wish there was something like this in the UK….

Lee Horsman 28-02-2015, 00:06

Dear Rebecca, It was delightful meeting you even briefly at the satsang at Brad’s this evening. I’ve enjoyed exploring the pleasure evolution website, but have not found a reference to the kink experience you referred to in your announcement this evening. Was it an introduction to kink?…and for some time in March? Can you redirect me to where I read up on this on the website?
Thank you! Lee Horsman, Burnsville

Mike 27-07-2015, 21:58

Hi I would like information on upcoming events.

peter and Beth 30-07-2015, 11:13


Beth and I are considering attending your Saturday party, but the attendance noted on Fetlife seems very thin. While Beth and I might enjoy a play party, we sometimes find that small numbers make the situation awkward and uncomfortable, particularly for Beth.

Do you have reason to believe that there will be many people coming who have not signed up throughFetlife?

We appreciate your honest response.

Gary Peters 05-08-2015, 00:09

Hi, I am just signing up. I live in Washington, D.C., but am interested in classes and events in NYC and Philadelphia, possibly elsewhere depending on the event. As an unpartnered male, am I eligible to pre-register for a play party?

marsha 07-08-2015, 17:49

I would like more information about what you do. Please add me to your email list


krisssy 18-08-2015, 18:03

Hi , I heard your podcast on Kinkycast, I am one of the correspondants. I really enjoyed the podcast and the erotic reading nights are something I have wanted to organize as a fundraiser here in Nashville.
I am adding my name to your email list to get reminders and updates about events. We are fetfriends. slavekrisssy over there.

Rod 03-09-2015, 18:49

Looking forward to future participation, with a broading of my knowledge.

Richard Puster 11-09-2015, 16:35

Sounds good. Any events or classes in eastern NC?

Mike Cobb 11-09-2015, 17:00

I would like to know of other events coming to the area.

Richard Hatch 12-09-2015, 08:22

Newsletter sign up.
Thank you!

Dan 17-09-2015, 16:38

Very interesting, exciting and evolutionary. I hope to attend the Philadelphia event

Karen 03-10-2015, 00:49

Please add me to your mailing list of future events. Thank you.

Alfonso mendoza 17-10-2015, 23:49

Just interested in upcoming events in Philadelphia and New York. Thanks!

Brennan 23-11-2015, 21:12

Thank you for what you do.

Richard Maurer 28-12-2015, 19:39

I am interested in your Pleasure Hands courses, but am unable to attend the class in February in Asheville. I wonder if you could send me a schedule of upcoming classes.

magnum 18-01-2016, 00:26

looking forward in learning and using your style in love making

Mark Focella 26-03-2016, 23:11


I am interested in events in New York as I am signed up for the Sensuality Circle and Play party next Saturday. I tried to join the mailing list to become aware of future events but I was unable to. Could I join it for New York events? My e-mail is

Mark Focella

Edgar Salas 19-06-2016, 23:32

Hi! I would like to know when the next Sensuality Play Party and Pillow Talk will be held in Asheville. Thanks!

Rob 30-09-2016, 13:53

Very interested

Jennifer 29-12-2016, 13:15

Please sign me up for newsletter Asheville


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