Embodying Sexual Authenticity

Embodying Sexual Authenticity

From our desire to help you discover and express your Authentic Sexuality and Gratified Relationship, we have created a program to best support you in making real changes in how you think about yourself, your body, your sexuality, and your partner. This is the territory you can expect us to cover.

  • This program is only for someone who is ready to find their passion for life with a romantic partner, to explore what lights them up in all areas of their life, and to experiment with their arousal. You are someone who knows that more is possible, and you are not willing to let obstacles stand in the way of full sexual authenticity. You may have a partner, or you may be looking for one, but what we will create together is a strategy for reaching your unique gratified life – not what someone else thinks you should want. Over the course of three months, we dive deeply into your gratification. Our commitment is to partner with you and do everything possible to support you in integrating the information and making real change in your life. You must be truly committed to taking in the information and enjoying all the pleasure that your body and relationship have to offer.

We will cover:

  • Releasing obsolete conditioning that prevents you from embodying your sexuality
  • New ways of communicating
  • An examination of your beliefs about sex in general, your particular partners and what it means to be in a relationship
  • Identify the needs and desires you have for your sex life.
  • Discover inner obstacles to having a gratifying love life, and move through them
  • Releasing and recovering from past sexual trama
  • What could be a healthy frequency, outlook and sexual behavior for you
  • Get new skills and techniques for relating to your partner in a way that gets both of your needs, including sexual desires, met,
  • Learn how to ask for what you want and feel truly empowered
  • What to do about libido imbalance
  • Cultivate your own surrender to pleasure in your relationship
  • Navigating your emotions
  • Explanations and training in successfully navigating polyamory, and meeting new romantic and sexual partners
  • Exploration and Training in BDSM techniques if desired
  • How to embody the quality of presence

Included in this program is:

  • 12 fifty minute sessions (can be combined) for either coaching, energy work or Sacred Intimacy with either Trevor or Rebekah, and can be mixed and matched
  • “Body Awareness” Meditation mp3 & Vital Sensuality Exercises, on video
  • Worksheets, exercises, intake forms and assessments
  • The ability to touch in via phone and e-mail in between sessions and be at the top of our response queue during normal business hours
  • Additional hours at a discounted rate
  • Investment $2400
    One payment upfront $2160 (save 10%)
    or $800 per month, minimum three-month commitment, renewable
    6, 9 or 12 month payment plans available with a 10% surcharge, please ask