Imagine a Full Body Orgasm

I didn’t start out a fan of tantra. It seemed murky, this energy sex thing. Give me good old hands on genitals, mouth on erogenous zones, your hardness inside my warmth. And then I learned the masculine-feminine breath. It would be too long to go into here, (perhaps a topic for  future video) but suffice it to say that it works just great! Can you imagine having a full body orgasm just from gazing soulfully into your lovers eyes and breathing in sync?

A New Playshop!

Which led me to create a new playshop. I’ll be hosting a one night, three hour Gathering called Energetic Sex Magic, here in Asheville. If you are curious about how to amp up your own erotic energy and then share it with a partner, come and join us. It will be an evening of sensual delights, all experienced fully clothed. Open your senses and watch the magic flow!