Helping the world have better sex, and you can help

We have a mission. To Transform the World, One Sex Life at a Time.

And we have been making a great start, through seeing private clients, and running workshops, classes, and play parties. Our students and clients tell us that we have changed their lives, by helping them to step into their sexual authenticity. From training someone how to swing a flogger, to providing safe space for someone to embrace their bi-sexuality, to teaching techniques to create stronger orgasms, we love what we do.

Now, we have a dream. To get more training so that we can do that even better. And we are asking for your help.

(Even though the video says Hawaii, we are now shooting for the same program in March in Tucson, which has the advantage of being not far from Trevor’s parents!). So watch, give, and share the link. We love you for it!

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more:

We are asking you to contribute to our private crowdfunding campaign. We had to go privately, because the major websites like kickstarter and indiegogo won’t touch anything having to do with sex.

And we are definitely talking about sex, here. Your contribution will enable us to take part in a five day intensive sexual Shaman training this January given by The School for Temple Arts in Puna, Hawaii. If we don’t make our goal in time, we will go to the same training being given in Tucson, AZ in March. But hey, it’s Hawaii. so act now!




Our goal is $6000 which covers tuition, airfare, food and lodging for two of us . Our stretch goal is $12,000 which will also allow us get certification at Sex Coach U.

With certifications behind us, it will be way more likely for professionals like doctor’s and therapists to refer clients to us. Because it is all about helping more people who need us. And you have to act now, because the training is in three weeks!

Check out the perks below, and pick the one that turns you on, lights you up, and Gets Your Panties Wet! Become a part of the Pleasure Evolution with us!

$5 I’m a Pleasure Evolutionary Bumper Sticker

$30  Do What Gets Your Panties Wet coffee mug

$100 – Skype or in person hour session your choice of Trevor or Rebekah
Explore your desires, and cultivate more authentic sexuality. Dissolve the blocks to greater intimacy


$500 – Asheville area Private Day long 10 am – 6pm Your choice of Trevor or Rebekah
For singles or couples. negotiate new or opposing desires. Learn howto get your needs met by a partner. Train in how to please your lover.

$1000 –  Private  Day long with both of us
Perfect for singles and couples where both masculine and feminine energy is wanted. Train in d/s, get into better communication both emotionally and sexually

The Relationship Resurrection Intensive

$2000 – Weekend Intensive with both of us when you come to us
The Relationship RX – this is perfect for couples that want to catapult into a new dimension in intimacy in the bedroom and beyond. Enjoy beautiful Asheville for a long weekend away with your beloved.

$3000 Weekend intensive with both of us to your home town (USA only)
Just like the perk above, except we come to your hometown, and fill your home with new intentional loving energy.

Goal – $6000
Contributions so far $170
How Good it is!
Thank you