The Desire Course

The Desire Course for Women

November 18 and 19, 2017

Do you want to be living a lit-up, turned-on life?

Then I have an invitation for you. Make note of the new dates and times!

Have you ever heard (or been told) any of these messages?

  • Children are to be seen and not heard
  • You don’t want that, it’s too expensive
  • Nice girls don’t do that
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Don’t be so needy
  • Don’t rock the boat
  • A woman’s job is to sacrifice for (her family, her job, her children)
  • You can’t get what you want, you can only get what you need
  • Who do you think you are?

Or maybe your self talk sounds like this?

  • I can’t ever have what I want
  • I’m not (thin, smart, pretty, rich, hardworking, young, old) enough
  • What’s the use of wanting, I’ll never get it
  • There is no one out there for me to love and be loved by
  • What I want is too scary, unusual, expensive, taboo
  • If I have to ask for what I want, it isn’t love
  • Going after what I want is too big, hard or frightening
  • I don’t know what I want

There is so much that blocks women from admitting their own desire
Many of us grew up feeling like we were flawed in some way, undeserving of our desires. We were trained to put the needs of others first, and sacrifice our own happiness if it threatened those around us.

  • What would it do for your life if you overcome feelings of been unworthy?
  • How would you spend your days, if you told the truth about what you really wanted?
  • What  if you fully stepped into your authenticity, your pleasure, your creativity and your power?

I have created an entire weekend curriculum to help women discern what lights them up, release blocks to feeling like they deserve the life of their dreams, and move confidently in the direction of their longings once and for all!

This powerful experiential workshop is a unique opportunity to explore and play in the company of your sisters. It’s about discovering hidden desires, clearing away obstacles to expression and creating your unique gratified life.  In a safe, sacred, and intimate community we will explore together so that you will emerge with greater self-love, confidence and energy to begin manifesting your desires.

At The Desire Course you will:

  • Heal past trauma and disconnection from your body
  • Develop habits of self-love and self-esteem, leaving negative self-image behind
  • Release the guilt you have about  your desires
  • Get clarity about what really lights you up and develop a plan for how to manifest it
  • Learn specific techniques for enrolling support from an empowered place
  • Experience the joy of your desires
  • Increase your arousal by connecting to the appetites within you and embracing pleasure as your standard, rather than progress and obligation
  • Step into creating the life you want, so that you can free yourself of resentment, anger, and disappointed expectations
  • Reveal the parts of yourself that are playful, joyful and purposeful
  • Create community and receive support from a group of women on the same journey as yourself
  • Find MORE, more intimacy, more authenticity, more pleasure, and more fun

Listen to a happy student describe her experience below:


Will you join me for this life-changing weekend of pleasure and empowerment?

YES! I want to go to The Desire Course!

 $450 until October 21, $500 after
Now available as pay in full, or 3 monthly payments

Full pay – Early Bird $450

– 3 monthly payments of $150

“Rebekah is knowledgeable, skilled in the material and inviting and welcoming of your spirit to step into joy and desire. Working with her is a treasure of an opportunity to move into joy and prosperity.” – Dorian S.


What does The Desire Course weekend include?

Three days of transformational work with Rebekah: Friday evening, Saturday all-day and Sunday morning & afternoon. Group work. Dance. Powerful exercises. Live coaching. Exploration of your unique gifts and purpose. Powerful support from women who are walking this path with you.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Do you resonate with these topics? Are you feeling like this could be for you? If you have questions you can schedule a short call with Rebekah to figure out if this is right for you: e-mail support @

Another student weighs in:

“Rebekah is UNIQUE! Funny, caring, inspirational, pushing the limits. In The Desire Course, I appreciated the group dynamic of interaction. Loved the body work, and that it was women supporting women.”  –Lynda

Course Dates, Location, and Times:
Saturday, November 18, 10 am to 10 pm (with lunch on your own and a catered dinner)
Sunday, Sunday November 19 , 10 am to 6 pm (with lunch break)
East Asheville

We will have lodging available for an additional $75 per night

Normally $500, registration is available to you right now for $450
but don’t delay. Prices will go up on August 21!


Will you join me for this life-changing weekend of pleasure and empowerment?

YES! I want to go to The Desire Course!

Register today for just $450