If it’s Not One Thing. . . It’s Your Mother

Thursday, September 27th
Online via Zoom with replay available
4:00 pm EDT

Join us for a live webinar clearing all the STUFF we inherited from our mothers. The known stuff. The secret stuff. The things we like, and the things we hate, and everything in between.

We’ll be using tools of Access Consciousness® plus everything I’ve learned over two decades of personal work, 25 years of motherhood and more than five decades as a daughter.

And here’s what else you get:

  • live interactive class
  • video replay
  • a downloadable mp3 audio of the class
  • a pdf of tools and clearings
  • an mp3 audio loop of the clearings from the class

And just possibly, a new future where the legacy of your family no longer dictates your choices. Wow!


Pillow Talk – The Art of Sexual Communication Playshop

Now accepting deposits for a class in Asheville
Pay $150 now, save $25 on the final price, and help pick the date
$275 pp or three payments of $95 Bring a friend and pay $250 each

  • Do you want to know how to please every lover, every time?
  • Do you want a better self-image about ?
  • Would you like more sexual confidence?
  • Would you like to have more pleasure?

Then join us!

No matter how skilled a lover you are, each new partner has different desires and erogenous zones. In this day-long playshop, we will be exploring the different components of pleasurable touch. You will learn communication techniques to give and receive direction in a way that keeps the sex flowing, hot and juicy. Discover how to elicit information from a partner that will help you find the right spot and perfect stroke every time, and also how to guarantee you get touched where and how you want to be touched. You will learn Pleasure Hands, a technique for bringing your partner to ecstatic pleasure through manual stimulation.

This is experiential, with fun exercises, so you get a chance to practice what we’re preaching. No partner necessary. No nudity or genital contact.

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Kink Lab 101: An Intro & Practicum

We teach this class every couple of months when enough curious and new people are looking to get their feet wet in the lifestyle.

Curious about the world that broke into the mainstream with the novel Fifty shades of Grey?  During this evening workshop you will learn:

  • What does BDSM stand for?
  • Appetites versus identities in the kink world
  • Top/Bottom & Dom/Sub Styles of power exchange in relationship
  • Some of the favorite types of kinky play – from bondage and  impact play to service and humiliation
  • How to introduce kinky play and spice up your relationship
  • How to meet like-minded people

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Kink Lab 102: Making the Scene

You learned what you like in Kink Lab 101, how do you build that into playtime with a real person? In this demonstration and simultaneous Q an A, participants will view a real live scene from negotiation to aftercare. Afterwards, there will be time for participants to negotiate and enact a scene with support and supervision if desired.

Read more about this class!


Playing with Sexual Polarity: An Evening for Men & Women

What is masculine-feminine polarity? How can we tap into our innate power and succeed with the opposite sex? Women can learn to be more magnetic and attractive, men can learn to be more steadfast and powerful. Using the dynamics of sexual polarity brings more fun and more success into your relationships. This sex counseling course features discussion, experiential exercises as well as Q & A.

In person and via tele-seminar.
Call 828-348-4925 to schedule this evening for your group.

Joys of Oral Sex: Making Your Next Mouthful Count!

Giving a blow job is a joy to some, and a trial to others. They will give you not only some techniques that will drive him wild, but also the tips you need to make performing a blow job a pleasurable even orgasmic experience. What if giving felt as good as receiving? Want to up your pussy eating? We will dive head first into the bewildering world of the vulva. It’s not as easy as mimicking the alphabet! Every pussy is different and wonderful, a playground waiting to be explored. Discussion will include anatomy, pleasure centers and technique.

Energetics of Sex Magic

During this experiential class, we will be demonstrating the interplay of yin and yang energy within us as individuals and then creating a tantric ritual that allows participants to connect with each other energetically. Couples and singles of all orientations and identification welcome. No partner is necessary as the circles of ceremony will bring you into contact with the group in an environment of safety and no judgement, however couples may choose to remain together if they wish. Exercises will utilize gazing, touch, and breathing.

There will be sensual but no sexual contact offered.

  Navigating Relationship Changes

What do you do when one person in a partnership decides they want to try something new and the other person isn’t so sure? Changes to your relationship style or introducing new kink activities can be painful, or smooth. How do you open (or close) up a relationship to other lovers? How do you introduce new kinks? What do you do when your appetites aren’t a match? Trevor and Rebekah will give you communication tools and strategies for finding winning ways to satisfy every partner’s needs and desires.

Love What You Love: Accepting Our Sexual Selves!

In her famous poem, Wild Geese, Mary Oliver writes:

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees
 For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

In this class we will delve into the desires you have pushed down and away as being “unsuitable or not spiritual.” See how embracing your appetites can lead to self-love and self-growth. During this class we will discuss the smorgasbord of ways that people relate sexually.

Alternatives to monogamy, playing with gender orientation, using power exchange and role play and the spectrum of available pleasure sensations will be explained. You will learn that not all desire needs to be acted upon in order to be a fulfilling part of who you are and how you love. Participants will have the opportunity to play games designed to release shame, and allow desires to bubble up to consciousness.


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