Couples Rx Intensive

Reconnecting Your Hearts, Reclaiming the Passion
A Weekend Intensive for Couples

In committed partnerships, many things can get in the way of the intimacy and sexual satisfaction that you crave. Aging, kids, the distractions and stresses of daily life take their toll. Sometimes, growing apart happens so slowly, that you don’t even notice until one day, you can’t remember the last time you had great sex together. Usually, one partner is more willing to voice dissatisfaction than the other. You may be finding that the strategies you have been using to please yourself and your partner haven’t been working.


We can help you get back in sync. Creating an environment where your partner feels safe enough to surrender to pleasure takes practice. Finding the heart space to tell each other difficult truths takes willingness and support. Asking for what you need and listening to your partner aA Sex Coach Knows Good Sex is for what they need often creates reaction is committed couples. You need someone there for those conversations that knows you can find common ground. Who holds the belief that everybody is right, and that you are on the same side, both trying to make your relationship great.

We can teach you the communication skills you need to guide your partner into how to please you. You can learn to be fully present to your own body and your partner through eye contact, breathwork and sensual touch that will take your intimacy to whole new levels.

This is the relationship boost you have been looking for. You can unearth the root story that keeps you from your Yes energy. Learn to be present so that your partner can surrender into fun with you. Meeting from Friday night to Sunday,  Trevor and Rebekah both have their full attention on the goals of each individual and the couple. You will have sex and intimacy coaching sessions together and apart, plus an afternoon of massage and hot tubs at the famous Grove Park Inn.

In this weekend intensive, you will learn communication and sensual techniques to bring to the surface hidden desires and rekindle the passion in your relationship. Depending on the couple, we bring our full range of knowledge on kink and role play, polyamory, tantra, personal growth and more to create more connection, harmony and better sex for you. Available in two formats, either you come to us in Asheville, or we come to your hometown. We work with one couple at a time, so time slots are limited.

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Come to Asheville – Investment $2000, plus lodging
We come to you – Investment $3200 (anywhere in the continental US)

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