Lovers in the Garden

The Lovers in the Garden

This program is for any couple wanting to take their communication and intimacy skills to a new level.  Whether you are on the verge of separation or trying to revive a long term relationship, I can help you. This program is right for you if you are suffering from:

  • Libido imbalance where one partner wants sex more than the other
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Anger
  • Loss of intimacy following the birth of a baby, illness, or aging
  • Boredom
  • BDSM negotiation and training

If you are desiring more sex, better sex, and more love in your couple you will benefit from this program.  In it, both partners get time to work on themselves individually, following my successful Lighting the Fire Program for Women and The Hero in the Garden for Men, AND to work together as a couple in talk sessions and guided energy/body work. This program can also be delivered by myself and my partner Trevor to give you both the male and female perspective and support.

The recommended time frame for this program is three months with meetings three times per month in order to give you time to truly transform your relationship in a way that is lasting. In a way, there are three clients in this process, him, her, and the relationship.  Each person must be willing to explore what they are bringing to the couples dynamic, in addition to working to shift the established and often entrenched ways of relating.

Sessions here are suggested to be shared with each individual having their own session, and then one or two monthly sessions together.

Included in this three – month program are:

  • Six Individual  50 minute sessions over skype, phone or in person in Asheville for each of us with one coach
  • Six one hour sessions as a couple with both Trevor and Rebekah
  • “Body Awareness” Meditation in mp3
  • Vital Sensuality Exercise Video
  • Worksheets, exercises, intake forms and assessments
  • Access to a private facebook group for Pleasure Evolution clients and students

During your sessions, we will use all the modalities at our disposal to help you achieve your erotic goals, both individually and as a couple. These can include talk counseling, energy healing, communication training, sexual technique training, role play and kink training, ritual and meditation, and tantric education.

Investment $3300
One payment upfront  $2970 or $1110 per month, minimum three-month commitment, renewable
6, 9 or 12 month payment plans available, please ask