Come to Costa Rica & Take Paradise Home With You!

Can you envision a wonderful vacation retreat in the bliss of a Costa Rican villa with your beloved? Then join us and step out of your everyday workaday mindset with us March 4 – 10, 2017 for the Partners in Paradise Retreat!

This 6-day retreat will bring more pleasure and passion into your relationship.

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Women Aren’t Bait

Equal Valuewmjustice

Pleasure Evolution is proud to facilitate many events.  These range from communication workshops, classes in meditation or alternative lifestyles, to fully sex permissive events.  Our events can be anywhere from free to upwards of hundreds of dollars.  One thing that has come under question is our pricing practices at events, specifically charging everyone the same amount, no matter their gender.  While we do offer a small discount for Groups that register together (Couples, Triads and Polycules), we believe that everyone should pay the same.


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Pleasure Potential

dadWhen I was a kid I was always told, “You have such Potential.” It was usually said by an authority figure telling me I wasn’t living up to expectations, that I had a potential I wasn’t realizing.  These words fell on a deaf child’s ears.  I didn’t understand what they meant, or how to realize the future they saw for me. As an adult of course, if we are lucky, we understand what they meant.

Or do we?

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Honey, we need to TALK – The Relationship Maintenance Conversation


He Said:

I don’t know about other men, but one of the phrases I hated to hear my girlfriend say was, “We need to Talk.”

You could hear the capital T in the word and you knew this wasn’t going to be a fun conversation about the latest television show or what’s happening in the Olympics. I knew this was going to be a deep and long conversation; most likely involving me finding out I had done something, or many things, wrong. It seemed like a prelude to an argument and definitely didn’t put me in the mindset to work on my relationship. It was years later, before we began what I came to call Relationship Maintenance Conversations, or RMC’s.

She said:

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The Truth About Arousal

Where Does Arousal Come From?

You probably think arousal comes from between your legs. Well partially. In this video we tell you some secrets about where turn-on starts and how to have more of it.


Videos now available

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