We all Change

Time is like a river, and so are we

The idea that we cannot step into the same river, because the water that riverwas there moments ago has flowed onward, is an  idea put forth by the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus sometime in 4th century BCE.  I’ve looked to the ancient philosophers for guidance and help for many years and this one is a good starting point. The river is a symbol for life, time and places, and now I suggest for people as well.

Few people can go through life without changing. We are changed by the experiences we have and the people we meet. We are changed by the challenges we face, and whether or not we overcome them.

I want to change for the better

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Must-Have Sexual Experiences

About Must-Have Sexual Experiences

I subscribe to a website that connects reporters working on stories with specialists who can give information. We’ve soapboxgotten lots of great exposure working with journalists from Salon, CafeMom, Alternet and The Stir. But a request today triggered me, and so this is a SOAPBOX ALERT!!!

The reporter wanted to know about “Sexual Experiences Everyone Should Experience.”

Here’s what I wanted to respond. There are none. Keep reading to see what I want the article to say. . .

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Sensual Research Dates – Part 2

In our post Sensual Research Dates – Part 1, Rebekah talked about how she got into this unique method of expanding one’s sexuality. It took us a while, but Part 2 is a ten minute video that really gets into the How-to.

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Being a Man

No one told me how to be a Man

In this use of the word, Man, I’m not talking about simply growing up be-a-manand adulting, though that is part of it. In this case, I’m talking about what it means to be a Man in this world, as opposed to what society told me I shouldn’t be. I was born in ’73 and so was right in the middle of the ’80s when puberty set in and had it’s way with me. That was the decade of Pop Music, hair bands, and of course AIDS. I grew up in the South (southern USA) and the long hair trend of pop culture for men was directly against the norms for the heterosexual mainstream I was surrounded by. Those around me were vocal about what wasn’t considered manly, but I was never told how to be a man.

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I’m Trevor Jones, and I am a Sex Coach

I came, I saw, I was in awe

It was in the Fall of 2014 that I first began attending events facilitated thinkerby
Pleasure Evolution. I was struck by the vast difference between traditional social events and the structured methods taught at the workshop I attended.  I was also taken with the confidence and charisma of it’s founder Rebekah Beneteau. It didn’t take long before I was volunteering to help and then was invited to chair an event. The themes of sex positivity and living an authentic life spoke volumes to me. I was not only intrigued but delighted about the prospect of working with Pleasure Evolution.

My educational background was primarily in Philosophy, but humanity had always fascinated me. I was in constant awe at the similarities and differences we all had and how they were expressed. I became ordained as a non-denominational minister the summer after university and made my spiritual growth a priority. I believe that one can learn from life as well as books and so make a practice of doing both. By the time I joined Pleasure Evolution,

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Start living your Sexual Authenticity

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