What’s up with the Name?

I recently got feedback from a couple of girlfriends about this site name.”Why would you settle for wise?” Diana asked me. “You are so much more than that.” Then my girlfriend Siobhan had another objection. She said, “I’m Irish and Catholic.  I’m not sure I’d pay someone to learn to be wild.” My answer to that, is honey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!  But seriously, it led me to thinking and here is what I realized. 

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Get on the Island. Burn the Boats

If you have been following me these last few days, you know I am just back from an incredible conference called the Messenger Summit. This was a deeply transformational experience, and I would recommend the next one in September to anyone who aspires to get a message out into the world. I am so inspired that I am proud to declare myself a messenger for the power of pleasure, and the ability of man-woman relationships to transform us and our world.

I have made some major re-writes and re-designs of the website. And today, I debut my initial course offerings. The title of this e-mail is a mantra of success guru Tony Robbins. Apparently Pericles won a battle in ancient greek literature with this motto. It means go for broke because failure is not an option.

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Power of Desire

It’s Saturday night, one day left of the Messenger Summit. I have had the most incredible time.  I’ve been writing like crazy, in fact this whole website will probably be re-written in the next couple of weeks. The playshop, scheduled for May now has a new focus, The Power of Desire.  We are going to spend the weekend playing, like otters, stretching like cats, and getting in touch with our desires, learning how to ask, and how to get the men in our lives to back our goals.  It is going to be fantastic!

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A Pleasure Goddess Goes Networking

Greetings from Sunny San Diego, where I am attending The Messenger Summit. This five day conference features training and keynotes from world renowned spiritual and business speaker/authors. It has attracted would-be messengers from around the world, some of whom will have the opportunity to share a twenty minute presentation with the attendees.

I will say that my travel was the most pleasurable I have ever experienced.  I think this is because instead of rushing around getting ready like I usually do, I slowed myself waaay down. I spent Monday delivering Avon orders, and handling what I needed to clear off my plate for my Avon business. I made a list of what I needed to pack.  I went and got a pedicure with a girlfriend. On Tuesday morning, I took time to make a to-do list, and then I went leisurely about my day.  I got everything done, including making myself a fabulous dinner for the plane.  I let go of things that were unnecessary.  It wasn’t necessary for me to clean the kitchen, or go to the bank.  I focused on what was urgent only.

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