The Deliberate Pleasure Creation Game

Hi guys!  Last night on the radio, I got really excited about the idea of going after a big pleasure goal.  If you haven’t listened to the show yet, you can play it by clicking here.  One of the things I was talking about is how much we hate boredom.  Women especially, but everyone hates to be bored.  We’d actually rather be angry, sad or overwhelmed.  And here’s the glum truth, if you are not deliberately creating more fun in your life, you will create default bad.  I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. I did it recently.

So, here’s the invitation.  I’m setting a high level pleasure goal, and I want you to join me in the game. Join me by sharing your own BIG pleasure goal in the comments here.  Keep us posted on what you are doing, and how you are progressing towards your goal. Join me by putting your energy behind my goal. Put your energy behind supporting other people’s goals. Come on out and play.  When a community puts its attention on a goal, it happens way faster.  It’s more fun. Together we can make magic happen!

What do I mean by a big pleasure goal?

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Sex and Aging on My Internet Radio Show Tonight!

“Join me this week for a very special show on keeping the sex hot as we age with a wonderful male guest,  Jackie. Jackie is the nom de guerre of a 66-year-old writer, craftsman, and performance artist living in Lancaster, PA. Jack is a responsible hedonist who believes in giving his women everything they want.tumblr_lhd41u85NF1qeo9r0o1_400_thumb

We’ll be talking about the differences in sensuality as we age, and how long slow sex can be a great vehicle for anyone at any age.

This is the Great Relationship, Hot Sex Forum for soccer moms and beyond. Let’s talk about how to have more fun, better sex,and more love in your life.

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On Puppies and Men, Training, Training Training


We got a new puppy last week.  Really I should say, I got a new puppy, because my family, while affectionate, are only somewhat available for the intense amount of care a puppy needs. The dog trainer says “dogs are simple.  They will repeat actions that bring them pleasurable experiences and shy away from those that bring them negative experiences.”

Guess what?  Men are exactly the same.  They are conditioned to win.  It is their driving force.  If we trained our men with the same commitment and compassion that we train our dogs,we would have a lot more happy relationships. I know that some men rebel against the idea of being “trained.” 

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Inspiration for Today

I love receiving daily inspirational messages from Neale Donald Walsch!

Here is what he sent out today :

“On this day of your life, rebekah, I believe God wants you to know…

…that the world is so much brighter, so much better,
because you are in it.
If only you knew all the gifts that you bring to others.
You would never feel sad again, but only rejoice in
how wonderful God has made you! I would not say these things just to make you feel good. The things I’ve said here happen to be true.”

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The Desire Course – Now Pay What You Will

 The Desire Course

Have you achieved your family and job goals and yet still feel a lack of fulfillment? clip_image002
Do you yearn for something but can’t grasp what it is?
Do you know what you want, but not how to get it?

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