The High Cost of a Smooth Silhouette

The other day, I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room as Rachel Ray chattered on the big screen tv, mounted behind me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Rachel Ray, she’s vivacious, and a successful female entrepreneur, and I wish I had a fun talk show like hers.  But on Monday, she was extolling the virtues of a product (that shall remain nameless) that makes you look thinner. Basically, it’s like a harness that lifts your control top pantyhose up to just underneath the boob line.Three_Graces_painting_a_Peter_Paul_Rubens_painting set the muffin top fre

Honestly, have we not come any further in fashion than when Scarlet O’Hara got laced into a corset to create a 15” waist? The Suffragettes fought hard for our right to wear bloomers and palazzo pants; free flowing blousy trousers that were airy and comfortable and allowed our crotches to move and breathe.

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Dr. Logan Levkoff on tonight’s radio show

levkoff-homeI am super excited to have as this week’s guest Sex Educator, author and media spokesperson, Dr. Logan Levkoff.  We are celebrating Sexual Independence (a belated nod to the fourth of July). 

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get. . . Partying!

I was once told that “If you have great sex, people will throw money on the foot of your bed.”  MO-MONEY Now you may be wondering who these people are and what are they doing in your bedroom?

What it means to me is that your pleasure is attractive to money and to opportunities. It also reminds me to keep pleasure at the forefront, even when there is lots to do.

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Awakening the Senses

There is a Taoist saying, “There is so much to do. There is so little time.  We must go slowly.”  This simple philosophy can be applied to all  areas of our lives, and nowhere is it more true than our sensual lives. In our culture, we rush everywhere. We fill our calendars because, heaven forbid, we might be bored.  I’m as guilty of this as the next woman.  Husband, puppy, two kids, two businesses, I have so much to do and it seems like never enough time.  But have you ever noticed how things happen when you rush?  You spill your coffee, put down your keys and then forget where they are? Going slowly for me means getting present to my everyday activities, rather than rushing through them. And as I get present, I awaken my senses, and THAT increases my sensuality.toothpaste

Try this exercise the next time you brush your teeth. Don’t treat it like something you have to get out of the way, in order to really get on with your day.  Act as if you are being graded on getting every bit of plaque.  It matters that you clean every inch of your enamel. 

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Two Pleasure Salons – The Arousal Principle & Making Love With Your Hands – June 10th and 11th

Dear Friends:

I am very excited to be bringing to Philadelphia a team of Sensuality Educators for two wonderful evenings.

Monday June 10th – The Arousal Principle: Unleashing the Power of your Pelvis 7 – 10:30 pm

In this Pleasure Salon, internationally known sexologists, Pamela Madsen, Will Fredricks and Ron Stewart founders of Back to The Body Sensuous Retreats for Women will guide you on a journey into your sexual arousal. In this clothes on salon, we will explore how tapping into your sexual energy can fuel not only amazing sex, but also aspects of your life that have nothing to do with sex such as creativity, prosperity, and fertility, and self image.

We will address areas such as:

  • Exploring the anatomy of arousal
  • How shame and societal pressures get in the way of our arousal
  • How taking responsibility for our own pleasure opens the gates to truly accessing our erotic engine.
  • How our erotic energy can generate power through out our lives.

Join us for the unique exploration into your own erotic potential. Together we will explore sexual arousal in ways that you never have before, and we will give your tools such as Orgasmic Yoga and Lotus Lift Meditation and to enrich every aspects of your life.

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Start living your Sexual Authenticity

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