Your Unique Plumage

My fortune cookie today said “The wise crow paints his feather black.”  I pondered this for a while.  What I came up with is this, that it is wisdom to portray yourself as who you actually are.  What do you think?  In my younger years, I spent a lot of time making myself up, and I don’t just mean applying eye shadow.  I tended to invent who I was and hope you bought it.  I projected confidence, when inside I was insecure and frightened.  I played the siren, because I wanted you to like me.

In truth, I wanted to be someone else.  I thought of myself as a peacock, brightly colored, showy, loud.  I wanted to be a swan like my childhood friend Suzanne, all cool tones, and quiet dignity. And then I started to reclaim my connection to my sexuality.

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Wishing you a sweet new year

applesandhoney It is said that during the time from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) the gates of Heaven are open, and G-d can better hear our prayers. I wish you all a happy, healthy and sweet New Year. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for Good.

And here’s a secret . . .

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Dr. Steve Bodansky on this week’s Radio Show

emo coverI’m super excited, tumesced even, to report that Dr. Steve Bodansky is my guest this week on The Ask Me Anything Love and Sex show

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Embracing Change

Neale Donald Walsch wrote a book called When Everything Changes, Change Everything. As I sit here in my new apartment in Asheville, NC I am embracing that idea in a way I couldn’t when I first read the book.  I used to be one who dreaded change.  Twenty years ago, when my first husband moved in, we had to move my bed out from the wall, so that two people sleeping in it could each get in on their own side.  I cried.  Moving that bed six inches was a big change for me.butterfly

Over the years, I have gotten way more adaptable.  In fact, my resilience in the face of change has become something I’m proud of. I’ve learned that when I hold tightly to what I know, and what I have, my hands are to full to receive new things.  I can’t seize opportunity with an already clenched fist.

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Life is Like Ikea

You know how in Ikea, once you walk in, you have to navigate the whole maze of the store to get to the exit?  Sometimes you can take a shortcut from textiles to checkout, but mostly, you have to walk all the way through.  Emotions are like that. When you are in one, the only way out is through.

In two days, my family and I are moving from the suburbs of Philadelphia to Asheville North Carolina. Moving kicks up lots of emotions.  The top one has been excitement, as this came together quickly, and feels completely guided by Spirit. There has also been overwhelm, love, anger, gratitude, and more excitement.  The last couple of days, the feeling has been sadness.  Yesterday, my husband said, “What is it going to take for you to get fun?” and my answer was, “Let me feel my sadness.”

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