Important Health Update

In the world of increased sensual pleasure, lube is considered one of the greatest inventions EVER.  But it turns out that not all lubes are created equal. In fact, some are even hazardous to your health! 

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I Can’t Talk about Sex!

A new acquaintance recently said, “Rebekah, I’m really intrigued by what you do, but I can’t talk about my sex life with a stranger.”

I get it.  Most of us weren’t raised in households where candid conversation about sex was the norm.  Not only that, but any kind of pleasure was considered suspect.  We were encouraged to do our chores, do our homework, “because I said so” and it didn’t matter if we enjoyed our lives.

Sex is one of those areas where lots of people think they are doing it wrong. Talking about our sex life with a stranger can make us feel vulnerable, and exposed, because we question whether our deeply held desires, make us too odd, or too hungry to be accepted.

I told this lovely woman

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The Secret to Pleasure – Be Here Now

The dog woke me up a half hour early this morning. We’ve taught her to ring a jingle bell on the door when she needs to go out.  Adorable, but not at 6:30 am.  I might have just rolled over and gone back to sleep, but she had her last walk sort of early last night, so I decided that in the interests of keeping my rug clean, I ought to get up. This was one of those times when you start thinking, “Why didn’t I just get a cat?”  But my friend Colin once said, “The recipe for unhappiness is to create a scenario in your head that is different from the one going on right now, and then prefer it.” So I got up, pulled on sweatpants and fleece, leashed Pandora and walked out into the pre-dawn morning.

The key to enlightenment is to BE Here Now, according to Eckhart Tolle. It’s also the secret to pleasure.  Our pleasure and enjoyment of life is a direct result of our ability to take in the data of our senses, and then to let it nourish us. So as I walked my feisty  dog, I opened all of my senses. 

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Showing up Empowered

Not so long ago, a man invited me to meet him for coffee.  Thinking it was an opportunity to network for my business, I accepted. When we met, it was clear I was expected to pay for my own coffee.  No problem if this is a business meeting, but it soon became obvious this man was interested in me romantically.  This, I don’t like.  If a gentleman asks me out, I want him to pay.  I know it may be old fashioned.  I like to be pampered by my men, and I consider it courtly. I bring other gifts to the relationship. As the hour progressed, this person talked mostly about himself.  When he did ask about me, I got the feeling he was listening with an ear to when he could insert himself back into the conversation.  (Note to men – women want someone interested in them, not trying to be interesting).  As you can hear, this wasn’t going that well.  The conversation was interesting enough, but I found myself struggling with how to nicely tell the guy that I wanted a chance to talk!

The end of the date was the piece de resistance.  I went to shake hands and he pulled me in for a hug.  He then proceeded to kiss me. I turned my face to offer my cheek, and he craned his neck to plant one on my lips.

I was a little shell shocked.

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How may I serve you?

I worked as a waitress for MANY years throughout my life. I really enjoyed it. There was a constant flow of interesting new people to meet every day. I would walk up to the table, introduce myself, and promise to take really good care of them. I would educate them about how the restaurant worked, what we were famous for, and what dishes were particularly good. If they asked questions, I was ready with solutions about what wine goes with that entree, or which dish to eat if they were gluten intolerant.

They called us servers. My new line of work is not all that different. As a sensuality and relationship coach, I make it a practice to live my own philosophy, that everything you do should please you. I go out a lot, and spend time with people and on things that are fun and soul nourishing.

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