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My article today is about caring for our parents.  Or caring for ourselves as we age. You may be asking, “What does that have to do with pleasure and sensuality?” Essential to surrendering into your pleasure is peace of mind.  Can you have great sex when you are worried about things, like an aging parent, a struggling child, or your unpaid bills?  Of course you can, and you should, and I write about that a lot.  The inspiration for this post came from the fact that a friend of mine is going through the transition of putting her mother in assisted living, specifically for memory loss and self-care issues.  It’s not an easy process.

Simultaneously, I learned this week about two resources that can help you if you are going through something similar, and I thought they were so fantastic, I wanted to share about them.  Let the record show, that this is not a “paid endorsement.”  I’m not an affiliate of these providers, I simply want to help you to remove the obstacles to having great sex.  It can be harder to orgasm, if you are worried that Dad isn’t taking his pills, or you are concerned that your sister has a very different approach to what should be done about Mom living alone.  Or perhaps you are living alone, and would like more peace of mind.  The following might be useful for you too…

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Music to Get Your Sexy On

Last night, I went to hear some wonderful musicians playing samba at 5 Walnut, here in Asheville.  If you are not familiar with samba, it is wonderful to dance to, and very fun to make out to.  Here is a little clip of The Juan Benavides Trio in action:

It’s a Brand New Day

ask for what u want It’s one week after The Desire Course, and what a week it has been!  In the first place, a big “You Go Girl” to the women who participated in the course.  Watching them come in, all shy and nervous, bond with each other over the course of two days, and then blossom into these radiant, luscious, pleasure seekers was such a thrill. Today in our follow up call, here are some of the victories they reported.

“My joy level is up, I’m appreciating what I’m doing now, so much more, and not worrying about what’s next.”

“I’ve been taking more care of my appearance, eating better, getting out more and meeting more men.  I even flirted with a CUTE young man.”

“The biggest shift has been more awareness of self-care and nurturing, and being pro-active about caring for my body.  Also,I’ve been more assertive in my interactions and I’m getting results.”

One woman keeps saying that she doesn’t know how to explain the workshop to her friends.  How do you explain magic in a couple of sentences? 

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The Desire Course 3-Pay Plan

hotlips There are lots of things that stop us from going after what we want.  I call these the bogeymen of Desire. One of the top five is the fear that what we desire is frivolous and not worth the money.   Today I want to answer both these objections, with some inspiration and a special payment plan offer.

I once heard an old Jewish proverb, “It is only by following our own desires, that we discover what God wants of us.”  Allowing yourself to recognize your passion and follow it is key to actualizing your potential.  It is how you unlock your unique contribution to the world. 

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When women compete

womens support


I feel like I’ve written about this before , but it’s bothering me again! My teen-aged daughters watch a TV show called Bad Girls Club.  I can barely stand to be in the same room with this show. It highlights all the worst stereotypes of women, competing over men, attention and space in the bathroom. They are constantly scheming with each other to get rid of whomever is the odd girl out that week, usually the one who is the most successful at getting guys when they go to the local bar and get loaded.  I’ve seen petri dishes with more depth than these women. The thing is, this show portrays extremes of what goes on daily in the lives of women. Somehow, we’ve gotten the message that there are not enough good men, or good jobs, or enough love available for all of us.  Instead of supporting each other to achieve our goals, our scarcity causes us to isolate, or even undermine each other. I know a lot of women who say they don’t trust women, or that they have never felt comfortable with other females. Somehow, when guys compete, it seems friendly.  They say “may the best man win” and they mean it.  No hard feelings are left after the battle.  Women take loss personally.  We fight dirty, and we hold grudges.  Not you?  Well, I confess that I have.  Like the women on Bad Girls Club, competing makes us look ugly, petty, and out of control. You may be the one who wins the prize, but at what cost? Who is there to celebrate with?

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