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It’s National Masturbation Month – Let’s Self-Pleasure

So we are bringing you a video from the vault, back when Pleasure Evolution was mostly serving women, under the banner of WiseWild Feminine. Check out these tips for making the most of your tub.

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And then check out our webinar Masturbation Made Better for even more tips on how to make self-pleasure even more satisfying.

Poly or Mono?

People ask us whether we push the “poly agenda” or the “mono agenda”

The answer is neither.

We firmly believe that your relationship should be a conscious series of decisions rather than defaulting to the majority. People are very individualistic and we think that sexuality and relationships are equally unique.

So ask yourself and your partner what kind of relationship works for you. Ask a LOT of questions and don’t assume anything is understood without inquiry.

Perhaps you and your partner want a monogamous relationship with occasional sexual forays done together or separately. This is sometimes called being “monogamish”. Maybe you enjoy going to sex parties or swinging, but have no intention of forming outside relationships. Polyamory implies that you will have multiple relationships with various degrees of love and commitment.

Thriving relationships require good communication. Polyamory will multiply that need by the amount of partners involved. Both relationship styles will bring up issues, but different ones. An monogamous relationship can bring up issues around boredom, and restriction. A non-monogamous union can trigger feelings due to time limitations, and equality. Jealousy comes up in all relationships, but will be more provocative when there are more lovers in the mix. Poly is definitely not an easier way to get sex. Poly takes effort and vigilance. That is not to say that monogamy doesn’t, simply that polyamory brings the subjects up more often.

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The Profound Message of Sausage Party

A Review of the Movie Sausage Party (spoiler alert)

Yeah, you read that right. Some (the more genteel among you) are probably wondering what the heck is Sausage Party? It’s an animated film released in 2016, voiced by a bunch of celebrities including Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, and Salma Hayek. For those of you who have seen the movie, you are most likely thinking “Profound message! WTF?”

Yes, this cartoon was clearly written by people under the influence of serious amounts of marijuana. It is laced with the F-word at least once per sentence. (But so are the plays by very highbrow David Mamet). The plot tells the story of a mega supermarket where the food is actually alive. Didn’t we all suspect it? The corn sings, because they have the best ears. The ethnic foods all have the accents, and stereotypical beliefs of their culture. Yes, the bottle of tequila is drunk, and the German bratwurst march in goosestep. The whole store has one belief in common though. That the world outside those automatic doors is The Great Beyond, and the shoppers are gods that choose them for a better life. A blissful life. The lavash bread (read Moslem) thinks he will be rewarded with seven bottles of extra virgin olive oil in The Great Beyond. “My flaps will never be dry.”

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Partners in Paradise Live

We have been back almost a month from the fabulous Partners in Paradise trip, our couple’s retreat. We thought you might enjoy this video journal of our time in Costa Rica. If you are a couple wanting to increase the emotional and physical intimacy of your partnership, you will want to come with us next year. Details to be released soon at the Partners in Paradise website.

Here we are on the first day as we awaited the students

And then mid week, MONKEY ATTACK!

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Why do people like “Degrading Sex?”

Humiliation and Degrading Sex

This topic has been up lately, as we recently got a message from a man who wanted to understand a desire his partner was expressing. Basically, it boiled down to “what’s up with degradation, rough sex, or rape scenarios?” We also had a letter from a woman, who was feeling badly about how turned on she got from degrading sex. First off, science has not yet discovered why certain stimuli, over others, light up the arousal center in the brain. People are turned on by all kinds of things. So we tell our clients that no source of turn-on is shameful. If you can allow yourself to feel the arousal, then you can decide if you want to leave it in the realm of imagination, or act on it. There are a few underlying reasons that are commonly found, but the truth is, it’s just is a part of your make-up, and the more you try to repress it, the more persistent and taboo it becomes.

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