Why do people like “Degrading Sex?” – Since all turn-on is okay, here’s how to understand why you or your partner may enjoy humiliation

Letting Go of That Guy (or Gal)  – How to navigate changes in your relationship with love for both yourself and your partner.

The Skinny on Dental Dams – Safer Cunnilingus – What and how to use a prophylactic during oral sex, including and some personal research.

Five Benefits of Sexual Intimacy Coaching – Why hire an Intimacy Coach and what’s in it for you.

HELP! My Wife Doesn’t Want Sex – Rebekah answers a question from a client, with direct suggestions for how to reignite a woman’s libido.

Escaping the Sexual Doldrums – If you find yourself in a sexual rut, here are some ideas to get you hot and happy again.

Attending A Play Party – Things to know about what a play party is, how to prepare, and what to expect.

Sexuality, Surrender and Relationship to the Divine – How surrendering to what is, and being willing to own your sexuality bring you closer to God and your Purpose

Poly: Nature or Nurture? – A beginning exploration of whether being polyamorous in relationship can be learned and some tips for success.

What Makes A Great Relationship?  The ARTFUL Formula – articles
The qualities to look for and embody in your quest for a partner.

3 Simple Steps to Give Direction So Your Partner Will Listen
An easy technique to use with anyone, to teach them to do anything!

5 Simple Steps to meeting Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now!
The world is awash with plenty of great, single guys!

Reclaiming Sexuality for Trauma Survivors
When the past is blocking a gratifying present, there are steps you can take to heal, and embody your sensuality

Healing Relationships Takes Time
In this guest article by Relationship Mentor, Teri Crosby, gain compassion for the process of repairing a painful relationship

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