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Trevor Jones, a Pleasure Evolutionary.

Trevor headshotTrevor is a Sexual Shaman, who combines his passions for philosophy, nature-based spirituality, polyamory and BDSM to assist individuals in claiming their own unique sexuality. He works with both men and women leading them out of the boxes of conditioning and limitation, into their fullest self-love and orgasmic potential.

Armed with a degree in Philosophy and an inquisitive mind, Trevor has built a practice based on Love, Non-Judgmental acceptance and an open mind.  His independent studies have taken him through  Tantra, Shamanism, Wicca and Pagan studies, Psychology, Art and Sociology.

We are co-facilitating events and workshops, including the Conscious Lovers Play Parties, Being Socials and the upcoming Pillow Talk.

chinese_yin_yang_tiger_dragon_symbolWe are also available as sex coaches, Trevor and Rebekahworking together with couples and singles who feel they could benefit from both masculine and feminine presence in their sessions. Working with us means getting a view from both sides of an issue, energy from both polarities and more.




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Brian 20-05-2015, 10:15

Hey Trevor… good job on the edging article.. meg and I are big promoter of the ben wa balls. I have been practicing when I edge man kegels and have found I can get many more pumps when I cum now… hot!!! keep up the good work of spreading the love of getting off!!!

HIllary Carter 21-03-2016, 10:03

For the past two years my sexual relationships with those I love have declined. A feeling that there was a lack of connection with my partners, and sense that something was missing, led to a lot of frustration, anger and the occasional bout of despair. They asked, “What do you want?”, but without having a frame of reference it was impossible for me to explain what I wanted to someone else or even to myself.
Having the chance to explore that side of myself, to relate to someone on a primal level, not only led to an amazing sexual experience that was freeing, it helped me to better understand my partners and put aside the anger and blame.

As for the experience itself, Trevor could not have been more amazing in the way he balances the masculine, dominant energy with a sense of warmth, compassion and humor. I’ve never before had the sense that someone wanted to savagely devour me while at the same time feeling protected and safe. His energy and openness lends itself to connecting in a way that encourages the exploration of desires and needs with an honest interest in the pleasure of his partner. I joked with Trevor that he should get a gold star, but what he really has is my gratitude, appreciation and respect for his abilities at helping others explore and accept their sexuality.


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