About Rebekah

I was born into a middle class family in the early 1960’s. I led a somewhat double life, as an athlete and as a budding ballerina. I have fond memories of watching the Jets play at Shea Stadium in the freezing cold with my dad. I had an unconscious sense that male was better, so I would try to fit into that world. I was independent, self-sufficient. and tried not to notice my loneliness.

I went to the University of Pennsylvania, where I joined an all-female comedy troupe. I was hooked. I went on to become a publishing assistant, and then a waitress and working stand-up comic. Often, I thought to myself, there has to be more than this. I wasn’t very happy inside. During my pregnancy with my oldest daughter, I manifested intuition and the ability to read the human energy field. I went back to school and graduated from the four-year healing program at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Becoming a sex counselor was the furthest thing from my mind. I was helping people heal conditions like infertility and cancer. I was gaining incredible self-insight, but I was still the original Iron Maiden. I could do anything, and by myself, thank you very much!

The bottom for me came one night, as my first husband was enthusiastically going at it on top of me, and I was lying there numb. Where had the passion, the lust, gone? I committed to making my pleasure and my sex life my number one priority. My mentors and inspiration along the way have included Lafayette Morehouse, A Course in Miracles, Esther Hicks/Abraham, Shalom Mountain, Mantak Chia, Midori, and other teachers of spiritual and sexual techniques and ideology. I have explored the depths of my lower self, and tasted the wisdom of my higher self.  I have learned to love my body. I have trained myself to have better orgasms, and from a greater variety of things than I would have thought possible. I have learned how to Say Yes to Pleasure and make that my standard for life. I have learned how to talk to men in a way that they can hear. Gradually, it became clear that all healing comes from accessing your life force. And life force is sourced by sexuality. So I became a Sex Coach, devoted to helping people express their Authentic Sexuality.

I have two amazing daughters, Mariah and Ariana, that are already making a difference in the world just by being who they are. I feel truly blessed.

Pleasure Evolution was born out of my life’s purpose; to embody bliss, and help others do the same. With me as your sex coach, you can do it in less than the sixteen years it took me!

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